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JP RATH 230 Trombone

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The JP230 Rath will meet your needs as a progressing player for cost and performance, especially if you are in a wind band, concert band, jazz ensemble or a big band.

You will find the JP230 is characterised by a professional standard of workmanship and a very high level of performance.

Often compared with professional models, the JP230 Rath competes extremely well against more expensive instruments from top makers.

The JP230 Rath and JP Rath range as a whole benefit from exactly the same manufacturing processes to slide and bell as Michael Rath's own handmade instruments ensuring you a truly spectacular result.

Model: JP230 Rath
Key: Bb
Bell Size: High Grade Brass 190.5mm (7.5”)
Bore: Medium 12.70mm (.500”)
Water Keys: 1
Body: High Grade Brass
Finish: Lacquer (JP230 Rath)
Lyre Box: No
Mouthpiece: JP606


Excellent quality trombone - Ideal for beginner/ intermediate players. Designed in conjunction with trombone guru Michael Rath. 500 Medium bore, 7.5" bell, narrow slide. This instrument sets unparalleled standards for build quality and performance


JP RATH 230 Trombone

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