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Yamaha Xeno YBL830G Bass Trombone


Yamaha combined the knowledge they learned in creating the Xeno tenor trombones with feedback from some of the world's great bass trombonists. The results speak for themselves; a state-of-the-art bass trombone with all specifications redesigned by an elite team of Yamaha designers and R&D experts. The 830 model includes features such as the newly designed yellow brass bell with a thinner wall for enhanced response, nickel silver slide crook for more substance to the sound, and a new rotor design which improves playability.

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YBL830G 830 830G YBL-830G

Key: Bb/F/Gb/D
Large Bore: .563"
Bell Diameter: 9 1/2"
Large Shank
Bell Material: Gold Brass
Finish: Clear Epoxy Lacquer
Inner Slide: Chrome-plated nickel silver, drawn
Outer Slide: Yellow Brass, drawn
Mouthpiece: 59L
Rotors     Two: in-line, independent, hand-lapped, mechanical linkage

RRP: £5798.40


Yamaha Xeno YBL830G Bass Trombone

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