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Rath R9 Rotax Independant Bass Trombone

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The options available for Michael Rath custom bass trombones are extensive, allowing you to configure an instrument unique to you. Available in a single valve model, the R8, and double valve independent and dependant models, the R9 and the R9D, the modular construction allows significant tailoring of an instrument.

The standard dimensions for the R8 and R9 are a bore size of 0.562” and a bell flare diameter of 9½” but other sizes are available on request. For example a “dual bore” slide of 0.562”/0.578” is possible and bell flares up to 10½” and above have been supplied. Similarly, as well as the standard independent double valve tuning of Bb/F/Gb/D, a Bb/F/G/Eb configuration can be supplied. Other tunings have also been accommodated. The standard dependant setup is Bb/F/D.

As with all Michael Rath custom trombones, an “in slide” tuning system for bass trombones similar to that on the R11 alto trombone is available. This has advantages of tuning and timbre with little penalty in terms of slide weight.


9.5" rose brass bell (The higher the copper content in the material, the darker and warmer is the sound.)
Yellow brass tuning slide (Yellow brass and nickel silver tuning slides allow for clearer articulations than gold or red brass and can feel slightly more open.)
Yellow standard handslide (Yellow brass slides sit in between nickel silver and bronze in terms of their tonal characteristics and feel.)
Independant dual Rotax rotors (The Rotax valve is the best option if you prefer slightly more playing resistance, which can help with projection and focus.)

Prozone Music is pleased to stock the world renowned trombones by Mick Rath, Made in the UK. Played Globally. A meaty trombone for the serious player. Supreme hand crafting by UK artisan technicians. Premium finish and build quality.


R9 Rotax

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