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Rath R10 Bb Trombone

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The choice of instruments for jazz, commercial, pop or funk style playing is wide, Michael Rath offering 4 different models. Decisions regarding “single” or “dual bore” slides are easily accommodated. The “single bore” choices are the R10 (0.500”) and the popular R2 (0.510”) models whilst the “dual bore” instruments are the R12 (0.481”/0.491”) and R1 (0.500”/0.510”). The standard bell size for these instruments is 7½”.


7.5" yellow brass bell (a yellow brass bell will sound more brilliant and brighter than gold and red brass bells with a consistency of tone.)
Yellow brass tuning slide (Yellow brass and nickel silver tuning slides allow for clearer articulations than gold or red brass and can feel slightly more open.)
Nickel-silver .500 bore handslide (A nickel silver slide allows a more articulate, brighter sound than yellow brass or bronze and it can also feel more open on some component combinations.)

<p>Prozone Music is pleased to stock the world renowned trombones by Mick Rath, Made in the UK. Played Globally. A meaty trombone for the serious player. Supreme hand crafting by UK artisan technicians. Premium finish and build quality<br />



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