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Stomvi Master Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet


Stomvi Master Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

The Stomvi Master piccolo is a delight to play, with a focused and resonant sound it is perfectly in tune across the whole register. The changeable bell options make a significant difference to the tone colour. The Silver Plated Copper is warm and rounded, perfect for barrock and chamber playing. The Gold Plated BellFlex is brilliant and bright allowing the player to project in any situation. This is possibly our favourite piccolo trumpet!

Leadpipes - #1 and #3 Ovate (Round) One piece cornet shank (Bb+A)
Bells -
4.88” Gold Plate BellFlex Alloy #27
4.88″ #25 Silver plate Copper (Both screw bells)

Bore - ML .459"
Hand finished Monel Pistons
Heavy Gold Plated Valve caps & buttons
Amado style Waterkeys


Stomvi Master Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

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