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Stork Vacchiano Cornet Mouthpiece


Stork Vacchiano Cornet Mouthpiece. The traditional Vacchiano cornet cups offer the sound quality sought by serious brass band players, yet greater versatility in range and response than other popular traditional cornet mouthpieces. 


Cup sizes:



SC stands for shallow cornet. Do not mistake this for a shallow cupped mouthpiece. Shallow is relative. In this case, relative to our deep traditional cups. This cup is far deeper than any of the standard depth Vacchiano cups. We recommend this model for those players who are using Eb soprano cornets in a traditional brass band setting. (Cup depth - .675"/17.145 mm. Bore size .154"/3.911mm)


Deeper and more "V" shaped the "A" cup is a moderately deep traditional cup. It's a wonderful compromise to the "A+" cup offering a deep, rich sound with greater playability. (Cup depth - .900"/22.860 mm. Bore size .161"/4.089mm)

Rim Specs:

#1 - Similar to a Bach 1C, Schilke 17 

Inner Diameter  -  17.50mm/.688"
Outer Diameter -  1.096"/27.838mm

2# - Similar to a Bach 1/1.5 C, Schilke 16, Yamaha 17C4 

Inner Diameter - 17.00 mm/.669"
Outer Diameter - 1.080"/27.432mm  

3# - Similar to a Bach 3C, Schilke 13A4A, Yamaha 14A4A 

Inner Diameter - 16.50mm/.649"
Outer Diameter -  1.072"/27.228mm


Stork Vacchiano Cornet Mouthpiece

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