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Yamaha YCR8335GSII Neo Cornet - Silver Plate


Yamaha Neo Bb cornet in silver plate. Features a gold brass one piece bell and leadpipe.



Gold brass has been newly adopted to a part of the tube leading from the leadpipe to the valves, delivering a depth of sound and a richness in tonal variety that are required for British brass bands.

One-piece bell:

The one-piece bell provides for great tonal colors and improved response.


Weight:- Heavy

Design/Architecture Detail

Bell Diameter 125.5mm (5")
Bore Size 11.90mm (0.469")


Bell:- Gold brass

Included Accessories:

Case CRC-830
Mouthpiece CR-16E(S)

RRP: £3704.40


Yamaha YCR8335GSII Neo Cornet - Silver Plate

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