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Yamaha CSGIII Custom Bb Clarinet

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Yamaha reanalyzed and reevaluated literally every single design specification. The bell and the barrel offer a tone of breathtaking richness and depth. The sound is warm yet has a clear focused center surrounded by a wealth of overtones, resulting in extraordinary beauty and expression.

Bell and barrel - A slightly plumper barrel and thick-walled bell produce a deep tone with rich resonance.
Improved key shape with Yamaha original silver-plating - Ergonomically-designed new key shape offers comfortable and natural key touch. Yamaha-original silver-plating on the keys give a focused and centered sound.

New Eb lever - A newly shaped Eb lever is adopted as standard, along which the entire mechanism has been completely re-designed.

Pads made of cork and leather - Cork pads and leather pads are optimally placed to maximise on their tonal quality, touch and functionality.

New toneholes - New toneholes maximise superior tone quality, even intonation and a uniformed response throughout the full range of the instrument.

Boehm system, 18 keys, 6 rings
Two barrels, 54mm & 55mm
Tapered tone holes with hand-tapered undercut
Adjustable thumb-rest
Grenadilla wood body, silver plate nickel silver keys
5CM ebonite mouthpiece
Yamaha case included

The CSGIII is seen as the clarinet to compete with the dominance of the R13. The clarinet looks great, It blows easily and has an even tone throughout. There is a lovely full sound and good resonance at the bottom of the instrument. The keys feel great under the fingers. The speaker key in particular is a great shape and is in a much more natural position. The intonation throughout is good with no bad notes. The upper register plays easily even up to top C.


Yamaha CSGIII Custom Bb Clarinet

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