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Bremner Sshhtraight Mute - Trumpet


Bremner Sshhtraight Mute - Trumpet

The sshhtraight mutes are the latest line of brass mutes by sshhmute.
So...what makes the sshhtraight different to other brands of straight mutes??
For starters, it is made with the same hard-wearing and light-weight ABS plastic that we use for our sshhmute and Whisper mute range. Not only does this make the mute light to carry around, but the ABS plastic results in giving the mute a warmer tone, as opposed to the metallic sound of most straight mutes on the market.
Adding to this, the mute is very free blowing and perfectly in tune right through the to bottom!
Currently designed for Trumpet/Cornet, the sshhtraight mute is a must-have!

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Bremner Sshhtraight Mute - Trumpet

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