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Buffet Tradition Bb Clarinet


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The Buffet Tradition was created with “sound at its purest level” in mind which has become the motto of this new family of cylindrical bores, descended from the BC20, an iconic clarinet of the brand. The woody, well-centred tone of the BC20 is the inspiration for this model. The Buffet Tradition is presented as a professional option that is innovative while respecting the traditional craftsmanship handed down over generations by the master woodwind makers who laid the foundations of success for Buffet Crampon clarinets.

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb, A
  • Pitch : 440/442 Hz
  • Body : Natural Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon) selected, treated
  • Bore : Cylindrical
  • Barrels : Bb: 65 and 66 mm; A: 64 and 65 mm
  • Keys : 19
  • Rings : 6
  • Thumb rest : Adjustable
  • Keywork finish : Silver plated or nickel plated
  • Springs : Blue steel
  • Pads : GT waterproof, leather and natural cork


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Buffet Tradition

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